The Spam Chronicles, Part 1.

As is common with everyone with an email address, I get spam. My email filter does a good job of keeping it out of my inbox, but I wanted to share with you some of what I got in terms of the email sender (not necessarily a real name or institution), title and whatever of the body I can read without opening them (because fuck doing that):

1) Senior Dating by 775M, “Who Knew Senior Dating Could be Easy”,Who Knew Senior Dating Could be Easy

2) X-T-8-0-8 Tac-tical, “Tes-ters_Wan-ted: FR-EE Tac.tical_Flash-light”, To Unsubscribe please Send an Email with Unsubscribe Request as the subject.

3) Certified Mail, “KEEP THIS CONFIRMATION NUMBER CASINO400”, safe unsubscribe

4) Jessica, “Fwd: I HATE YOU -F-U Mother F*Cker ??….”, -You piece of shit! Stop pretending to be my friend. Stick your finger in your ass mayb

5) Melliss, “Want a F#*k-Friend-Tonight?, “Hi (my email address name- !!!! I_need_YOU_in_my_bed_Tonight! … To Stop Receiving Messages And Unsub

Yeah, my spam is amusing. I think I’ll make this an ongoing blog thing, highlighting the hilarity of what I get.