Home shopping for guys?

So in my moments of boredom, I channel surf. And I seem to land on the home shopping channels, mostly QVC, but also HSN and Evine Live on occasion. Usually, I stare at the cute hostesses and good looking models. Hey, I’m a guy. Don’t blame me for liking what I like. 🙂

But in the time I’ve spent watching, I’ve noticed they have nearly nothing for guys. Almost everything is for women to buy. This confuses me. Surely the women that watch these shows would like to find something for the men in their lives, be it friends or family. I think one of the channels had men’s watches for sale about 2 years ago (Evine, I think), but that’s it.

Anyone have any theories about this? It confuses me that these channels would ignore a demographic that can make them a great deal of money. Anyone know if there’s any research about this?

Don’t get it twisted. I don’t care how they sell stuff. I’m just wondering why they don’t have more men’s stuff on there.