Dear left-wing Democrats….

While I do agree with a large number of your policies and structures, it doesn’t help your case when your more unhinged members begin yelling at me for not yet deciding on a candidate to back in the NY governor’s race because I don’t yet know who will be running.

I was under the impression- and correct me if I’m wrong- that one’s choice for a candidate should be someone that best mirrors not just your personal belief structure, but is also one that will do best for your fellow New Yorkers. That requires research, reading, diving into archives and such.

It really doesn’t help when they go right to blatant hostility with zingers like “Go jerk Bernie off and shut the fuck up.” and “Shut up basic white boy, you’re only 30% of the population and we can GAF what you think,” I mean, wasn’t there a high road you were encouraged to take? I’d understand the hostility if I came out tossing vile insults, but otherwise….

Oh, and wasn’t it the votes of supposed basic white boys in non-Democratic states that’s responsible for the current mess? One would think an educated, studied mind would result in less of this, but apparently that doesn’t seem to be the current thought process.

Bonus point: Popping off like this when it’s a woman firing off the barbs just shows the misandry that seems to permeate social and political movements these days.

Get your house in order before you end up shutting out those who want to help you.

A registered Independent


Some random thoughts while I go to make dinner…..

I have a follower! Hello, person from WordPress. Glad to see you find what I post interesting enough to want to know when I post more. I’m here very infrequently, so keep your eyes peeled. 🙂

On the subject of dinner, it’s going to be a loaded Nutribullet. Yes, David Wolfe is a fucking lunatic who talks out of his ass, but it’s the only way I can stomach veggies. And what I make is pretty tasty, so there’s that.

I’ve been writing quite a bit lately offline. Yes, I’m one of those crazy people that writes using pen and paper in addition to on a computer. I’m a legit fossil. 🙂 But when I look at what I’ve been writing, it’s been a big stack of wish fulfillment. It’s probably due to how rough things are for me at home, but that’s how things roll on occasion. It might change once things improve for me. We’ll see.

For a change of pace, I switched from Diablo 3 to Skyrim on my 360. I forgot how fun it was to play. The kill shots are a kick, and the aiming is fun, especially when you put an arrow in someone’s head. What, did you think I’d say knee? Come on, arrows to the knee are just so 2013…

I smell pizza. I had pizza yesterday, but the odor still lingers. Dammit, no pizza 2 days in a row! I gotta cut back on the carbs and cheese a little.

I follow politics a little, and I keep my responses on my Facebook page. This blog is more for the assorted other shit that pops into my head or needs to be said. Oh, don’t worry. Those who know me IRL and in other online areas know my take on things. I just need to keep this clear of that. Other things need to take priority.

Well, time to actually make dinner. Peace and chicken grease!