Starbucks is a unicorn!

All these people all butthurt over the unicorn drink from Starbucks. “It’s unhealthy! It takes forever to make! Blah blah blah!”

First, it’s Starbucks. Those complaining about the damn drink are the same people that bitched about their holiday cups and just about everything else about them. Shut the fuck up, all of you.

Second, fuck the sugar count. All reports I’ve read about it are the same: IT TASTES LIKE HOT SHIT. If your need for overpriced coffee is that strong, they got an entire menu of the stuff that actually tastes decent.

Meanwhile, I’ll hit up the bagel store by my house and get more coffee for less money. Hell, I’ll hit up McDonald’s for the same amount of coffee from my bagel store for $1.09. Or I’ll just make an ENTIRE POT at home and enjoy that.