So, that passed.

Much to my lack of surprise, I did nothing for my birthday. I’ll be going out tonight for a birthday shot or 2, and a friend took me out for lunch today, but that’s it. This isn’t shocking to me at all. Not one bit.

The death of Chris Cornell was announced as a suicide. The toxicology tests are pending. I’m saddened by his death. The guy had a ton of talent and was involved in music for decades. I’m going to wait for the tox results and see what they say about what was in his system. His wife has already stated she does not believe it was suicide, but the only person that will ever truly know is Cornell himself. And he’s not around to ask.

In more pleasant news, Huma Abedin, wife of disgraced politician and dick pic sender Anthony Weiner, has filed for divorce from his scummy ass. Good for you, Huma. About time you got rid of him. Find you a better man to be with. You look pretty damn good at 40, so go cougar out for a bit.

What else? Seems today that Tom Hardy was cast as Venom in a new solo film for that character. If it doesn’t have Spider-Man in it to explain Venom’s origin, I immediately grade this movie as a FAIL. No Spidey, no Venom. End of story.

And it looks like next Friday is shaping up to be mighty interesting. We’ll see how that goes.


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